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Financial Courses

Roger is an Adjunct Faculty Member at Anne Arundel Community College, the Community College of Baltimore and Howard Community College. The following courses are taught at local college campuses and on-site at area businesses in the Baltimore Metropolitan area. If you would like more information on how a course can be taught at YOUR place of business, please contact us.

Class List

Market Update Meetings –We conduct one hour meetings for our clients to discuss the current market environment, we look at opportunities in the market, and this allows our clients to address any questions they have regarding their investments.

Stocks, Bonds, Real Estate, & Investing --Learn about several different types of investments available to individual investors. The course will also allow you to examine the complexities of financial decision-making at various stages of life. Topics to be covered include setting financial goals, CDs, IRAs, 401ks, mutual funds, real estate, stocks, and tax-free investments, inflation and tax concerns, and investing for college and retirement.

Retirement Planning Workshop --Understand the latest IRA tax laws and how to stretch IRA distribution for many years. Learn about 401k tax laws and company stocks. Discover other strategies and simple techniques to help preserve savings for retirement.

IMAGINE - Your Life Without Limits --Consider the next phase of your life. Visualize and document your core values, hopes and dreams. Prepare for a rewarding and fulfilling retirement by learning to address your physical, mental, spiritual, and financial well being.

Financial Planning for Women --This course will start off by defining the differences in approaches to managing money between women and men. It will cover such topics as women and Social Security, common money hang-ups and the ever-popular "If I could do it over again -- what retired women say." The class moves ahead to the future and stresses the importance of budgeting and advice on improving cash flow. Emphasis is given to protecting yourself and your assets and to what is currently on the market in the insurance industry. Much attention will be given to Long Term Care Insurance vs. Medicare. Lastly, this class will cover the importance of investing for a secure future and what is involved in managing an investment portfolio and the basics of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc.

Are You Really Ready for Retirement? --This workshop will center on issues to be considered in retirement income planning -- longevity, healthcare, inflation, asset allocation, and withdrawal rates. The current market environment, risks and opportunities, will be discussed. Emphasis will be on designing a plan for a rewarding retirement -- addressing the physical, spiritual, mental, emotional, and financial needs in this new phase of life.

Social Security: When Should You Start Receiving Retirement Benefits? -- As you approach retirement, when to claim your Social Security retirement benefit is one of the biggest financial decisions you’ll need to make.  Some of the factors we’ll be discussing are:

  • Your full retirement age, and how your benefit is calculated
  • The amount of your future retirement benefit and the effect of taking benefits early or late
  • How many years you expect to spend in retirement, based on life expectancy
  • Whether you plan to continue working
  • Your other retirement income sources
  • Your income tax picture
  • How your decision will affect your spouse and the benefits he or she can receive

Please call our office at (410) 992-4904 or email Shelly at for information on the schedule of classes and workshops.

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